Hello! We, Olga and Ivan, are glad that you’re with us. Welcome to the web-site of Vol de l'ange kennel!  

    We breed two most noble breeds – continental toy spaniel (Papillon) and Cavalier King Charles spaniel. These breeds are different in many things, from exterior to temperament. But there is something that unites them – this is their infinite love and loyalty to man. 

    Dogs appeared just when the history of our family began.In 1991 one of our wedding gifts each other was a small Mittelschnauzer`s puppy. McLane had expression, temper and fervor! A bit later we became owners of Vesta , a puppy of Jagdtterrier , a wonderful girl with outstanding working qualities. 

     Of course, our permanent companions are German shepherds who have been living with us for 14 years. They give warmth, love and friendship for us. Unfortunately, the elder one is now “running along the rainbow” with McLein for many years. We remember you and love you small self-denying hearts!

   In 2010 completely unexpectedly for us first the Papillon Sher Infanta Ispanskaya came to our house. This was a great start... We became great fans of this breed for many years. This is a malady called papillonоmania and it seems to be incurable. 

   Then a white-reddish villain Alex has appeared. So this is how it all started...

   Today we have 8 dogs in the kennel. There are 7 Papillons and one Cavalier King Charles spaniel female. Cavaliers are a special topic in the kennel. This is a dream-dog. The dog came to the house in a very hard moment of our life and she became a comforter and a nurse. Just as M. McGrory said: “Dogs, God bless them, think that man is a weak and helpless creature who needs constant love and care. You lick master’s hand by chance, you rub your shaggy muzzle by its leg and the poor master knows – a friend will never leave him in trouble”.

   Our dogs live in the house as fully legitimate family members who have their own room where they can have a rest at night. We try to make their life as much full-fledged as possible: our pets go to the Black Sea once a year and most active are engaged in agility training etc.

   Today we can’t imagine our life without dogs. We hope that they are really happy with us!